Investiert robert kiyosaki in kryptowährung

Gold vs. Crypto | Robert Kiyosaki’s Thoughts on Investments

Stocks, bonds, and even crypto plunged. But the worst could be yet to come according to Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.

The company's main revenues come from franchisees of the Rich Dad seminars that are conducted by independent individuals using Kiyosaki's brand name. Kiyosaki is the subject of a class action suit filed by people who attended his seminars and has been the subject of two investigative documentaries by CBC Canada and WTAE USA. He is the eldest child of four.

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Most crypto tokens are classifed as a security and SEC regulations will crush most of them.

Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author. He is known as the author of the best-selling "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book series. The "Rich Dad" is a character in the book that was the father of Mike, the author's best friend. The "Rich Dad" dropped out of school at the age of

So look for investing apps that charge low or even zero commissions. What to read next.

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Keep Them Poor! I began to notice that most of the videos were interviews with Brian Rose from London Real.

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Also, every video juxtaposed elites against the working class. He never recognizes someone may be down on their luck! I highly doubt the Rothchilds are cringing and foaming at the mouth because Robert Kiyosaki gave me some vague advice.

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What should I invest in? How do I amass wealth? What is my next step? All of these questions have no answer, but I bet Robert would love for you to purchase his overpriced real estate investing courses!

Kaufe kein Gold, bis du das geschaut hast - ROBERT KIYOSAKI (deutsch) In Gold investieren (8 Tipps)

Bashes Financial Assets He has this super rehearsed line of buying stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs in a k is for losers.

Then follows another line about investing long-term in the stock market is for schmucks.

Robert Kiyosaki: Bestseller-Autor für Finanzbücher

He never mentions value investing, like a Warren Buffett disciple might. Nope, instead he talks about the time he bought Coca Cola at the recommendation of his financial planner and lost money.

investiert robert kiyosaki in kryptowährung

Well, did you run a DCF valuation or do any analysis? Highly unlikely. Why save money when the government is printing it?

investiert robert kiyosaki in kryptowährung

Debt is Money Not all of his advice is too bad, and I actually agree with a lot of his criticisms surrounding the Federal Reserve. So investors are seeing the coming crisis. Invest in BTC and precious metals Robert Kiyosaki, who owns both BTC and ETH, is a longtime supporter of Bitcoin.

investiert robert kiyosaki in kryptowährung

On his social networks, he constantly encourages young people to invest in cryptocurrencies and precious metals, mainly because both assets will survive the US dollar. According to him, the dollar is just a scam.

‘Now is the time’: Robert Kiyosaki

Currently, Silver is at a much lesser price than its ATH, which makes it an attractive investment. Inflation and debt Robert thinks that the government is printing more money to pay off debt using the less valuable dollars.

investiert robert kiyosaki in kryptowährung

He also thinks that if they raise interest rates causing stocks, bonds, and other assets to crash.