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In fact, a number of collectors have created entire personas, projects, communities, and brands around a single CryptoPunk NFT. Additionally, considering their history, and how they grew and developed from the early days alongside the Ethereum blockchain, some argue that owning a Punk is like placing a bet on the importance of NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain.

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But whatever the ratio of social to financial value may be, celebrities, venture capitalists, and eve n hedge funds have been joining in krypto-punks investieren CryptoPunks race in droves. To this end, the collection continues to be valuable partially because of the success early collectors were able to secure.

Everyone is hoping for a repeat. In FebruaryLarva Labs faced backlash when one of its co-founders, John Watkinson, sold off his stock of V1 CryptoPunks NFTs. Days after selling the V1 Punks, Larva Labs attempted to blacklist the budding project and get it kicked off NFT marketplaces.

This denouncement had the potential to cause the price of V1 Punks to plummet, creating a financial loss for everyone who bought the NFTs from Watkinson. Watkinson, meanwhile, kept all the money from his sales and would incur no losses from the drop in price — which was a drop that was caused by a company he and one other person controlled.

The community at large was split on whether or not what Larva Labs did was actually wrong.

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Visa, for example, triggered a market rush upon its acquisition of CryptoPunka green-clown-eyed female CryptoPunk in a mohawk and hot lipstick, for Three hundred CryptoPunks sold by the end of the day. Similar to traditional stock trends, events surrounding the company also come into play. Mainstream recognition is what keeps digital-asset markets alive. NFTs, along with successful crypto runs, attract investors green to the cryptoverse promoting an opportunity to generate wealth and possible road to financial freedom that may otherwise not be an option.

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This uniqueness makes CryptoPunks a wise move for investors who trust the NFT market. Generally, an NFT's value will only grow with increased public perception and popularity. However, by the same measure, it's also possible for an NFT's value to drop drastically at any given time, so these investments can either be highly lucrative or a way to lose a lot of money.

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However, so far, the value of CryptoPunks has grown exponentially. However, now just one CryptoPunk can cost millions of dollars. This NFT was bought by Shalom Meckenzie, an Israeli entrepreneur and billionaire.

What Are CryptoPunks? Explaining the NFT That Started It All

The original developers of the CryptoPunks kept 1, avatars for themselves before releasing the other 9, for sale, effectively making them millionaires in their own right. Given the boom in popularity that these avatars have received, there comes a kind of status that comes with owning one. This adds to the desire for these CryptoPunks.

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While they are a potentially lucrative investment, they're also a pretty cool thing to show off. Click "Add to Chrome" and click on "Add extension.

What’s the Deal With CryptoPunks?

The Metamask icon should appear next to the address bar on Chrome. Click on it. How to buy CryptoPunks Image credit: Future 5. Click on "Get Started" followed by "Create a Wallet. After reading the "Help Us Improve Metamask" page, click "I agree. Create a password make sure it's complex.

Largest CryptoPunk Sales Investors have spent billions of dollars on NFTs in the last few years and a large portion of total sales come from CryptoPunks. The most expensive NFT ever sold was not a CryptoPunk, although most of the top 10 were. CryptoPunks with the rarest attributes that only a handful of them have can go for millions of dollars worth of Ether.

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Both have the alien attribute, the rarest type of punk with only 9 ever minted out of 10, However, neither of these is the absolute rarest NFT in the collection. CryptoPunks were one of the catalysts for the development of the ERC standard that allows for the creation of unique NFTs for digital art and collectibles.

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Where did CryptoPunks come from? CryptoPunks was created in June by Canadians Matt Hall and John Watkinson, developers at US mobile software company Larva Labs. CryptoPunks are among the oldest NFTs, pre-dating CryptoKitties, which launched in Novemberand NBA Top Shot, which opened beta in June